Going west: 10 steps for a successful brand strategy

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

How to create a WeChat Official Account: A step-by-step guide

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has become a must-have mobile app and a vital aspect of everyday life in China.

WeChat QR Code Marketing

This post is the first part of the five-week-long Flow WeChat Marketing Special series, in which every week we introduce and...

The Gaopin Challenge

Gaopin is a premium resource provider of creative imagery in China. We started working with them on small assignments early 2014.

How NOT to be banned from WeChat

To avoid being banned from WeChat, this is what you should not do:  

From Branding to Online Strategy

Flow and Mandarin Film grew in parallel in Beijing over the last 8 years with a similar work philosophy

Hongbao War

Over the last few years, China’s tech giants introduced hongbao sending features to entice users to use their e-payment services...

WTL Design: Interior Design, Construction & Fun

Working with architects and designers is usually fun, and usually super slow. Working with WTL Design on their new website was...

Hola Cina!

Flow released the new website for the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China last week.

Healthy Competition in China’s Search Engine Market

Unlike the global search engine market where Google has an undisputed dominance, the search engine landscape in China is dynamic...


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