The Making of the CHEERS Website

2 min read June 26, 2017

Yes. It is true. You can now experience the glories of CHEERS in the comfort of…well, wherever you are. We know it’s tempting to just head to the website now, but read on to get the insider’s look at how the CHEERS experience has been crafted in digital form.


Challenge: Create a user experience that embodies the mission to: “transfer wine knowledge in a natural, humorous, creative, honest and simple way.”

How we did it: Land on the CHEERS website looking for a nice bottle of wine. Quite naturally head straight to the wine “aisle,” and if you are like many of us, stop and stare…the choices can seem overwhelming…Since there is no friendly attendant to guide you through, this is where a good dose of CHEERS humor and Flow digital creativity unite.


1.2.3. voila! Your wine recommendation is served. You can even own your meticulous wine “selection” by heading over to CHEERS TV for expert knowledge of the region, reviews or even what’s inside the bottle you just ordered, sure to impress your friends. Of course for the more eager wine connoisseurs, you can book your next CHEERS UNIVERSITY session.

It’s that simple. Honestly!


Challenge:Look like Cheers. Feel like Cheers.

How we did it:We all recognize the distinct red and white of the CHEERS brand, but our designers were after a lot more than simply being recognizable. We are creating an environment here! Through the carefully chosen icons, smiling photography and of course the proper dose of red and white, we embodied the professional, yet laid-back, friendly environment that greets you each time you enter a CHEERS store.


Let’s get Technical

Challenge: Create a shopping experience as simple as being in a store, with all of the comforts of modern technology.

How we did it: It simply wouldn’t be a made in China e-commerce site without the integration of Alipay and WeChat payment, but we added a couple of original features to make you smile. Of course it’s bilingual, but did you know that if you share your location upon arrival, you will automatically get access to the latest events, directions, course signups and the ability to order what’s in stock at the store that is closest to you? And, if we’re getting really technical, we’ll let you know that the CHEERS employees are also smiling. With CHEERS ERP integration, existing customers can login with their phone number, enabling their data to directly synchronize with all CHEERS stores.

Flow’s team deeply enjoyed cooperating with CHEERS. We were captured by their mission of spreading the culture of wine in the birthland of Baijiu, and we are sure that this digital rendition of the CHEERS spirit is sure to inebriate all who arrive.

See our work with CHEERS here:

And for more of our work visit our website:


  • UX concept and responsive website design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Multilanguage: English & Chinese
  • Alipay and WeChat payment integration
  • WeChat login
  • ERP integration

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