What you need to know
about the China digital

Audience size

Entering the China digital market is very different than entering any other market. With 1 billion internet users, the competition for attention is fierce. Following best practices with consistency over time is critical.


The China digital ecosystem is highly regulated. Without being registered in China and an ICP licence, your marketing options are extremely limited.


Visually, Chinese content is structured differently than English content. Simply replacing English content with Chinese content within a layout is an inadequate solution.

Search engine
optimisation & search
engine marketing

Google does not work in China. Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo360 are the top main search engines, and while they share a lot with how Google search works, they are different. For instance, Baidu algorithm is better at indexing websites using Chinese characters.

Social media

Since LinkedIn’s departure from China in 2021, all major international social media platforms are no longer accessible within the country. China has a plethora of domestic social media platforms, with the most important for B2B being WeChat, Zhihu, Bilibili, and Xiaohongshu.


Many websites hosted outside China are inaccessible or slow, and rank poorly on China search engines. You will need a server environment in China and a domain hosted locally to deploy your digital assets.

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