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1 min read February 17, 2017

The search for a study abroad program can initially seem overwhelming, but what if the information is well packaged, gives a taste of the actual experience and provides a virtual excursion that is both useful and pleasant…


During the last five months of 2016 we worked on a complete relook for The BeijingCenter’s website, an organization that provides study abroad and internship opportunities that engage foreign students with China. We were pleased to publish our smooth and fun collaboration with The Beijing Center’s marketing team, Dené Gabaldón and Alan Crooks, in January 2017.


The newly redesigned platform of The Beijing Center (TBC) is designed to communicate with undergrad students and their parents. It provides a welcoming experience with auser-friendly interface, targeted user flows and a unique look and feel. To stay true to The Beijing Center’s identity, an organization that promotes cultural exchange between the East and the West, we opted for a fusion of Chinese and Western design elements arranged on top of black, white and red backgrounds. We identified that TBC’s target audience (undergrad students) are seeking a modern and exciting study abroad experience, but we felt it compulsory to maintain the historical substance of The Beijing Center’s visual identity, thus created modernity through user interaction.


We were mindful of how stressful making a decision to live abroad for the first time can be. We wanted to provide the user with a taste of the experience through relatable captions and just the right amount of content (beautifully crafted byDené). Each page thoughtfully ensures not to overwhelm the user while simultaneously delivers enough information to make an informed decision.


We provided optimization to ensure that the visitor’s device or screen size wouldn’t affect their experience. The website was designed for desktop and for mobile with responsive front-end. The content is managed with WordPress and the web forms are integrated with Salesforce.

As it’s commonly said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and we tried to make that first step a little easier to take.


You can check it our here:

If you are looking to pimp up your online presence, contact us!


  • User experience and user flows
  • Responsive original design
  • WordPress based development
  • Salesforce integration

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