Boost Your WeChat Marketing with Audio features

2 min read April 10, 2015

This post is the second part of the five-week-long Flow WeChat Marketing Special series, in which every week, we introduce and explain the practical use of selected WeChat features.


Messaging on WeChat is based on two simple features: text and audio messaging. Unlike its competitors, WeChat made short voice message sending its key feature. This convenient function not only often replaces text messages but also serves as a popular alternative to phone calls for many users in China.

Thanks to rigorous registration policy, official accounts can be trusted more than on many other Chinese social media platforms. Companies, who are applying for official service or subscription accounts, went through a strict validation process in order to minimize the presence of fake accounts.

In this environment, followers are willing to engage with their favourite brands with more than simple shares and likes. WeChat users often participate in campaigns that require exposing their personal side to a greater extent. This level of user engagement fuels a creative competition where brands are constantly trying to find new ways to leverage WeChat features , including audio recording.


In 2014, PepsiCo created a heart melting Chinese New Year’s campaign based on the basic sound record and upload feature. Users could mix their own voice message with the well-known “Bring Happiness Home” theme song. They could also add special effects to further enhance their message, which was then delivered to their loved ones.

McDonald’s has also run a campaign that embraced WeChat’s voice recording feature. The popular fast food company created a contest where participants were asked to record a BigMac rap in the style of MC Hua Shao, the host of the singing show “The Voice of China”.

Promoting the Little Prince special edition watch line, the Swiss watch maker, IWC Schaffhausen invited WeChat Users to share their favourite quotes from the book using WeChat’s voice recording feature.


Integrating WeChat’s audio functions into your campaign is great way to facilitate user engagement with your band, to gain plenty of user generated content and to involve your fans in shaping and personalising your brand experience. Using WeChat’s publicly available software development kit, your web page can access the following powerful voice recording related functionalities if it is opened in the WeChat browser:

  • start recording
  • stop recording
  • play voice
  • pause voice
  • stop voice
  • upload voice
  • download voice

After recording, a voice file can be retrieved for further processing and edits on your own server. It can then be reused and sent to WeChat followers or made available on a webpage.

There are many practical ways to leverage WeChat audio features in your promotional campaigns:

  • holding singing contest
  • letting fans altering their voices to sound like a superhero, a robot or anything else
  • sharing users’ personal opinion or stories
  • delivering personalised messages to loved ones

Overall, WeChat audio features are a great set of tools that could be implemented on your website relatively easily. They can serve as creative additions to give an emotional and fun twist to your promotional campaigns.

McDonald’s and PepsiCo Example:



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