GELV / 歌旅: The birth of a brand

0 min read July 18, 2017

A few months back we were commissioned to create the brand foundation of a travel agency startup specializing in North African tours for Chinese tourists. When they first contacted us they had virtually nothing, except a good idea and a short deadline. Below is an overview of the GELV brand birth.


GELV / 歌旅

We first needed a Chinese brand name. After we presented our research and suggestions, they chose a name that combines the two characters 歌(gē): Song, To sing, and 旅(lǚ): Trip, Travel. 歌 is also phonetically similar to 哥, the last character of 摩洛哥 (Morocco).



The design concepts were inspired by the North African landscapes and traditional artifacts.


Color Palette

The color palette is inspired by the desert and the Moroccan traditional mosaic art.



We created a pattern inspired by the long and beautiful history of Moroccan patterns.



Because the visual identity was so deeply inspired by Moroccan landscapes and traditional arts, it fit naturally with the the beautiful Moroccan landscapes and landmarks that illustrate the tours in the brochure.

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