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2 min read November 14, 2018

According to CCG’s (Center for China and Globalization) “Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Studying Abroad 2017,” China remains the world’s No. 1 place of origin for international students. The report goes on to detail that the two most important decision-making factors for Chinese students and their parents are the institution’s academic reputation and its location/safety.

Due to the focus on Chinese students going abroad, the marketing landscape for international education institutions is changing in China. Even for the most reputable, name alone is not enough. The ability to convey the full educational experience of the courses, students and campus is imperative.

In our most recent localization project, our goal was to provide Kings Education with a digital platform that enables them to carry out their marketing plan in China. A Chinese site based on the vision of Kings’ International site, following Kings’ VI, and adapted to serve a Chinese audience.



Not only did we optimize the visuals to ensure that they work cohesively with Chinese text aesthetically, we redesigned the visuals and interactions in key sections. The landing for example, was made into a fullscreen to improve user focus. The second screen (seen above) gives clear introduction to the the four education tracks, and prioritizes the importance of campus environment.



We arranged the site structure in a way that each schools’ information is easy to access, providing the ability to narrow down the information and receive only what is relevant to the visitor’s specific needs. As the visitors gets deeper into the website they are presented with course specifics, testimonials and information about the community that paints the advantages of what actually attending the campus is like through a clear user path. Additionally we extracted specific colors to represent distinct sections of the website and serve as a visual guide.


Kings Education’s mission is to empower international students to achieve their fullest ambitions by creating “life-changing opportunities and life-enhancing experiences” with locations in both the USA and UK. Much thanks to the Kings Education team! We enjoyed bringing your China website to life!

“When I was planning Kings China website, two of my friends from other international organizations both recommended Flow. We chose Flow because of its good reputation among clients and its efficiency in negotiation. During our cooperation, it’s more like working with our own team who cares enough to do more and go further for this website. Flow’s multinational team, I have been working with, is amazingly inventive, resourceful and reliable. Since the official launch of our new website on September 21, we have received very positive feedback from our own staff and business partners. Flow exceeded my expectations in terms of expertise and user experience solutions.”

-Serena Qiu
Head of Marketing & Communications,
Greater China

China localization scope:

  • Made for China UX
  • Custom design
  • WordPress-based development

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