You gave us a logo, and we created a website

1 min read January 31, 2018

Elite Scholars of China (ESC) came to us with the goal of improving their website look and feel. ESC “helps China’s most motivated students gain admission to & succeed at America’s best colleges,” and they were in need of a website that aligns with their high quality services and high-energy, entrepreneurial work environment.


Web Visual Identity

With their internal values of support, community and ownership as guiding pillars we worked from their already-existing logo, to provide a professional yet approachable web VI that exemplifies the young, warm vibrance found in the ESC house. We took inspiration from the Ivy League Schools that their students work to attend, the American culture of the ESC house, and of course their logo- the main visual thread through their history.



In order to portray the holistic care that ESC approaches with each student, we highlighted a balance of both statistics and testimonials. We visually represented ESC’s impressive statistics with interactive infographics and brought to life the students and consultants with picture + text testimonials. We worked to remove any barriers for conversion, including an updated application form with visual step-by-step progress validation cues.


We greatly enjoyed our collaboration with Alexis and Katie at ESC, and were thrilled to see their reactions to the new website!

“Our experience working with Flow Asia has gone above and beyond our expectations. As a small company with limited online presence, we appreciated Flow’s patience and support throughout the process of creating our new website, and the Flow Team was always flexible in working around our busy schedules. From creating our brand to launching our website to training us to manage it ourselves, they have guided us at every step of the way, all the while demonstrating expertise, professionalism, and a sense of humor!”

Alexis, ESC Consultant for Senior Scholars



-Web VI
-Responsive website design
-Multilanguage: English & Chinese (CN coming soon!)
-Wordpress based development

Check out ESC’s website at:

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