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2 min read August 08, 2018

When the Embassy of Switzerland in China asked us to propose a plan for the Swiss Innovation Week 2018 visual identity and graphic design, we decided to try something a little different from the usual paper invitations and canvas backdrops.


While respecting the Corporate Design Manual of Switzerland

We gave options.


Logo Proposals


We suggested paperless.

WeChat Minisite

  • -About SIW2018
  • -Activity Calendar
  • -Sponsor and Partner Details
  • -Press Corner
  • -Easy share Location & Contact


Utilize WeChat Parametric QR codes for a personalized, digital user experience…but more on this later

Screenshots from the proposal


We were selected, and we got to work carrying out our vision.


Final Logo & VI application


SIW 2018 WeChat minisite


Then it came time to send out the invitations and we were abruptly reminded that the user should always be the driving force for design and interaction.

This was the plan:


Here’s what actually happened:

Only WeChat Official Service accounts can generate parametric QR codes…The Swiss Embassy has a Subscription WeChat account.

We got stopped here:


Next idea.


Turns out this target user doesn’t want to play the scavenger hunt game for their invitation.

–Thank you to the staff at the Embassy for their understanding and collaboration during this discovery phase (and throughout the entire project of course, but really here).–

So we adapted once more.

The invitation was sent out by email, with a beautiful custom design and developed RSVP form.


In the end, the entire event was a great success with nearly 2,000 in attendance at the SIW Grand Reception. Congrats!

Above event photos courtesy of: Embassy of Switzerland in China


We had fun too!

This project really challenged us to “innovate,” refocus on user centered design (both end user and client)  and to be honest, albeit cliché, learn and adapt from our mistakes.

We’d like to give a special thank you and farewell to Adrian Schmied, Event Manager at the Embassy of Switzerland in China, for his collaboration and trust in the process. It has been a wonderful 2 years pushing pixels with you!

Much gratitude to Ambassador Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel.

“Your company’s support was crucial to organize a rich, diversified and high-quality program over 5 days. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words – and we believe that the visual identity designed by your team speaks volumes! The incorporation of Swisness and innovation within the sleek SIW design provided by set the stage for the entire week of events. We appreciated your professional support, your creativity as well as your swiftness when catering to our every need. With your visual identity setting the scene for a modern and innovative event, you contributed substantially to its success and the excitement of our guests! We very much look forward to continuing our cooperation on many more occasions!”

-H.E. Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel


You can see the SIW 2018 WeChat minisite by scanning this QR code.

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