WeChat Official Account For A Successful B2B Strategy Part II

4 min read August 15, 2022

This article is the second part of our series to help businesses get more from their WeChat Official Accounts.

You can take a look at the first part here.

WeChat Official Account For Your B2B Content Strategy In China

WeChat allows brands to develop their e-reputation, visibility, and sales unprecedentedly. However, gaining new followers and customers is complex and necessitates the right approach because of its size and scope. When done correctly, WeChat can be a valuable business partner in China.

The importance of the menu

Aside from articles, the menu is a critical function that companies can use on WeChat because it is always-on content that brands can use in various ways.

Users will search the WeChat menu for important information such as the company’s contact details, brand story, essential products, product line introduction, and more. This function assists brands in better displaying their products and services to increase awareness and strengthen consumer relationships. Also, WeChat official accounts enable the company to track follower behavior, such as the click rate of each menu.

Although the menu is only visible to users who visited the WeChat Official Account and won’t necessarily help with the initial account awareness, it can lead the users through a rich brand experience journey (e.g., minisite, mini-program).

The importance of the auto-reply function

All WeChat official accounts have basic auto-reply functionality. As well as the greeting message, another essential function is the automatic responses triggered by keywords, which can significantly reduce the loss of leads caused by operators who do not respond to customers promptly.

The importance of private traffic

Many companies at this stage need to give up the passionate desire to increase their fans. Instead, they need to consider which followers are interested in the company and think about increasing the conversion rate.

Private traffic (私域流量) refers to funneling communications with customers into a database (in the Official Account case, we are talking about WeChat groups), where brands can have complete control. The core of private domain traffic lies in mastering the relationship with the users.

The group operators must have deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and not only be responsible for copying and pasting posts and info. They must know how to interact with the group members and pay attention to the content shared in the group.

WeCom (former WeChat work) is a good ally for efficiently managing private traffic and groups, increasing your reputability, and making the brand’s daily job more manageable.

The importance of the “Wow” button

“Wow” (在看) and “Top Stories” (看一看) are two features introduced as part of WeChat 7.0 at the end of 2018. When an Official WeChat account fan clicks the Wow button at the bottom of a post, the Wow button pushes the articles to a separate section called “Top Stories” (看一看). The area has three tabs: “Wow” (basically what your friends are reading,” AI-driven “Top,” and Video.

It’s important because the article in the follower’s Top Stories will be accessible to the follower’s friends, and the brand’s Official Account will gain exposure.

The importance of target group messages

On the backend of WeChat, it is possible to define the content, time, and target audience of the delivery of the posts.

When sending a post from a WeChat Official Account, the company can choose which customers send the message. This function allows the brand to personalize the sharing based on the segment (gender, nation, and tags).

While gender and nation of the followers are based on the fans’ data, the brand decides the tags. The company can do a backend segmentation called “tags,” and the WeChat CRM system can share to a selected audience different WeChat articles improving the customers’ user journey and avoiding disturbing the customers to whom the communication is irrelevant.

If the content is better tailored to users’ needs and expectations, it will perform better and reduce the risk of fans’ unfollowing. It would also enhance the general user experience if the content received is not too invasive or nonessential.

Three things you didn’t know about WeChat Official Account

1) Over 100 countries can now apply for a WeChat Official Account.

2) WeChat has plenty of banned words and expressions. Always check the WeChat Official Account Operation Center for the news.

3) There is a specific way to address the Chinese Mainland, government institution, members of the Party, and more.

You can refer to the WeChat Operation Center post about it (only in the Chinese language).

Case studies


Immergas was founded in 1964 for the design and manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use. Over 55 years of experience and over 7 million boilers installed make Immergas one of the leading companies in the heating sector in Italy and several European countries.


RMI Green Energy

RMI is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization of experts across disciplines working to accelerate the clean energy transition and improve lives.


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