Breaking the Layout Grid

1 min read February 26, 2018

Late 2017 we collaborated with Kardan Land to conceptualize, design and develop their new website. Kardan Land China is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kardan N.V., an international investment company based in the Netherlands, active in over 40 countries leading various investment projects.



Reflective of the forward-looking approach that is akin to investing, we were inspired to create a design that feels modern and alive. The overall design was based around the shape of a square giving respect to the logo and creating an overall balance. This balance allowed us to break the grid with images and text drifting and overlapping across traditional grid barriers.


We enjoyed the 3 month collaboration working with Pairy from Kardan Land, and in his words:
“It was a pleasure working with Flow Asia for the website development. All work went smoothly and efficiently with a clear, high standard work flow. Moreover, I’m impressed with the team which is precise, professional and responsible. Professional wise, the website looks international, well-designed and functional no matter from which perspective. Sincerely looking forward to working with the team again.”
-Pairy Pang | 庞冉

Scope :
-Responsive original website design
-Multilanguage: English & Chinese
-Wordpress based development

Check out the result at:

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