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2 min read November 30, 2017

Movies have the power to evoke laughter, sadness and fear, yet we seldom pause to consider how these beautiful films were created- the process, sparked from an inspiration, formed into a script, directed by a film director, taken through editing, and finally, distributed. The main purpose of our project with Nezha Bro’s was to present all of these dimensions with an online platform. The website we created for them, not only presents their final film works, but also illuminates the process, aimed at recruiting screenwriters, co-directors and business partners.


Aesthetic and minimalist design

The UI design guidelines of Nielsen and Molich Aesthetic and Minimalist design have always been key to usability, utility and desirability. This guideline is very suitable for film and arts related web projects, and we applied these guidelines in order to find balance in Nezha Bros as new, young and energetic as their namesake, Nezha (a mythological name meaning “fearless”), while still being conscious of presenting them as reliable and stable. We worked to create the visual feeling of quietness with strength. The colors from the film create their own statement, using mainly black and white with the fire-like red highlight to represent their passion.


Small budget, big site

We are conscious to create a user experience with three categories of people in mind. 1. The direct audience of the site- in this case, the screenwriter, director and potential business partner. 2. The website stakeholder- the owner of the site. 3. The website backend daily user- the admin. When we create the site, we put concern and empathy into each category. Even under a limited budget, we put a lot of thought into this to provide Nezha Bros with a final product that is user friendly and sustainable for long-term flexibility.


Joyful Cooperation

The cooperation between Flow and this returning client was as joyful as always. Prior to making the Nezha Bros website, we had cooperated to create the Laurel Film website and the Black Fin website. Again the collaboration was efficient, and more importantly, we are excited to see the continual progression of the Chinese film industry. Congratulations to Nezha Bros, the first Chinese film company that has 2 film works in the finals of the Berlin International Film Festival at the same time!

“The communication between Flow team is fast and efficient, we are very satisfied with the website design, the cooperation is joyful as always, thank you Flow for the great work and help.” -Faye Cheung, Project Manager

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