Haidian Foreign Language Group’s website launches on schedule!

2 min read September 19, 2017

Haidian Foreign Language Group owns 3 schools and 1 kindergarten in Beijing, 3 additional schools throughout China and 13 language centers around the world.

Our challenge: To present such a large group, in way that makes a genuine impression, is visually attractive and gives the target audience, the parents, the usability to quickly and clearly find the information they are seeking when making one of the most important decisions for their child’s future.


Our scope: Create a customized, responsive website from scratch under the tight deadline of 3 months.

We certainly love to take on a challenge, and we found the environment and culture of the schools fascinating, they are even equipped with a private zoo! After creating a detailed timeline, we worked closely with the client to successfully meet the deadline, just in time for the start of the new semester!


A design that resonates culture

In accordance with the Group’s philosophy, “The sea refuses no river” -embracing the ancient and the modern and simultaneously retaining Chinese culture and welcoming the diversity of the world. The VI is rich in cultural symbolism and Chinese elements. To complement the chop stamp logo, we used the design of a Chinese Calligraphy brushstroke. This look of the brushed ink, beside other Chinese elements, creates the rich feeling of a scholarly campus with deep cultural heritage.


The elements tell a story, recreating the feelings of childhood schooldays. From the moment you arrive on the welcome page the feelings resonate, from kindergarten, the feelings of happiness, the curiosity of primary school, the all-around development of junior high and the global exploration of high school. It’s a timeline that presents the Group’s student-oriented mission and is visually emphasized throughout the site with real images.


A responsive website with comprehensive features

To fulfil the Group’s needs, the website includes features that create a friendly user experience. These features include, full site keyword search, bilingual frontend, customized courses, activity management, school calendars, meals and a digital magazine, just to name a few. We created it with growth in mind, creating a sustainable site that allows for features to be added on to fit new needs, preventing high costs in the future. Furthermore, the backend is easy to use even for admin who don’t have an IT background.


A pleasant cooperation

The project coordination was a very pleasant experience, and meeting the deadline would not have been possible without the fast and thorough feedback and content delivery from Mr. Hou.

Project Scope:

  • UX
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive frontend development
  • WordPress based development

Visit http://www.bjfles.com to check out this project.
And for more projects done by us, visit Flow.asia

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