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1 min read March 13, 2018

WeChat minisites are a great opportunity to offer an engaging digital user experience to a Chinese audience and start a conversation without having to rethink the whole digital strategy of an organization, and can be particularly useful for global websites that are hosted and managed outside of China. This was the case for the AWEX China branch when they came to us with the goal: To open a new channel to communicate in a more interactive way with their Chinese audience.

The Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (French: L’Agence wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers, AWEX) is a public interest organisation in charge of the promotion of foreign trade and the attraction of foreign investments for Wallonia in Belgium. It was created on 1 April 2004 as a merger of the Walloon Export Agency (AWEX) and the Office for foreign Investors (OFI).



“Feel Inspired” AWEX’s foundation for its branding indeed sparked our creativity. AWEX is represented by 4 auras that represent a sense of sharing, accessibility, technical know-how and quality of life. We applied these auras thoughtfully throughout the Wechat minisite design to incorporate a fluid branding vein and add a creative touch.


What the client thought

“As a public entity promoting trade, investment and cultural exchanges between Belgium (French speaking part) and China, we wanted to be present on the Chinese social media space to promote our services: SME, cultural and creative industries, education and innovation programs. Flow Asia not only guided us into our digital presence on social media and its development, but also provided us the professional tools to make the best use of our Wechat platform. Dynamic, professional, multilingual and multicultural team, delighted to work with.”

Emmanuelle Dienga -丁爱宇

Economic, Commercial  & Investment, Counsellor

Wallonia Export & Investment Agency – Brussels Invest & Export


From creating the Official AWEX WeChat account to design and development, this collaboration was greatly enjoyable and we are very happy with the resulting WeChat minisite.


  • WeChat account creation
  • UX concept and mobile design
  • WordPress development
  • Language: Chinese


To see the AWEX WeChat minisite live, scan the QR code:

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