Dressing Smart Will Never Be the Same Again

1 min read July 23, 2015

Healthy living and regular exercising is getting more and more fashionable among young urban Chinese. The trend is driven by the growing disposable income and the increasing waistline of city dwellers. Today, more than 300 million people are overweight in China, while vanity, self expression and the image people present to the outside world are ever more important. Understanding the growing needs of this health-conscious audience, tech companies are continuously releasing new activity tracking gadgets and fitness apps combining sport, fashion, music and other trendy features.

Riding the wave of this trend, last week, Xiaomi revealed two versions of smart running shoes, which were developed together with the iconic Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning. Both versions contain a bluetooth chip that can be connected to Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app and, just like the way we got used to from Xiaomi’s and Li-Ning’s products, the price tag on the smart-sneakers is rather friendly. This is clearly not the first step for Xiaomi towards the broader territory of wearables and smart devices, who is now clearly aiming at creating an ecosystem of apps and gadgets for smart living.

Even though it seems exciting and futuristic, but reaching the audience beyond early adopters is a tough challenge for most brands. Studies show that consumers’ top requirements for wearable electronics are user friendliness and aesthetic design. The tech sector traditionally underestimated the importances of fashion, but today, just like Xiaomi, many smart device manufacturers are cooperating with leading clothing and fashion brands to make digital lifestyle more appealing and fashionable.


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