Creating a website for China. What everyone should know.

An interview with Flow.Asia’s CEO Gontran Mullier.

The Chinese digital world has evolved in tandem yet greatly independently from elsewhere.

How to create a WeChat Official Account: A step-by-step guide

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has become a must-have mobile app and a vital aspect of everyday life in China.

Curio Education Rebrand

Through cutting edge mentorship and personalized counseling, Curio helps students discover their passions, gain successful...

Breaking the misconceptions about Chinese web design

Founded in Belgium in 1988, FLYING-CAM, is a provider of 25-150KG industrial grade intelligent unmanned helicopters, and is the...

Two popular Italian design publications join on WeChat

Abitare is a monthly magazine from Milan, Italy. With almost 60 years of history, it is considered to be one of the top design...

A Trip to the Benelux: Gala Ball design

Benelux is a politico-economic union of these three neighboring states in Western Europe.

Making WeChat Mini Programs

For our latest project with the Embassy of France in China, our developers embraced the language of WeChat mini programs.

Wipe away the smog website interaction: UPM

UPM wanted a place to digitally bring to life their work in climate protection and sustainable development.

The Science of Choosing Web Design Colors

esearch has shown that people make 90% of snap decision purchases based on the perception of a brand’s colors.

Web design in Black & White: European Education

European Education, dubbed as “The Hub of Luxury Education” leads with the goal of shaping future business leaders through global...


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