Going west: 10 steps for a successful brand strategy

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

How to create a WeChat Official Account: A step-by-step guide

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has become a must-have mobile app and a vital aspect of everyday life in China.

Gamification of Eyeglasses.com

1990s ecommerce comes to China

China Localization: International Education

King’s Education China website

It’s Not Art, It’s Design

Behind the scenes of a WeChat minisite.

The Balance Between Trendy and Sustainable

Designing a website for a creative agency

Swiss Innovation Week 2018 WeChat mobile site

+ logo design, VI and the mishaps along the way

Flow is looking for a full time Graphic Designer in Beijing

Flow has a project surge and we are looking for a designer to join our team starting in September.

Is Your Website Secure?

What it means when Google flags a website as "Not Secure.”

Branding Works.

An overview of our latest logo & branding design projects.


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