How to create a WeChat Official Account: A step-by-step guide

3 min read December 12, 2019

Setting up an official WeChat account is a multi-step process. Typically Tencent will process your application within 1-5 business days for Mainland China companies and 5-10 business days for all others.

Please note: With an ever-increasing number of application submissions, Tencent processes accounts on a case-by-case basis. You might encounter some variations during your application process.

Preparation: Is your business registered in China?

If your business is registered in China, it has a greater chance of being approved, in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost. If your business is not registered in China, you either need to have a third-party Chinese business license or use your international business license.

Note: WeChat official account features will be limited when using an international account and there is a higher risk of it not being approved.

Step1. Register

Visit the WeChat Official Account Platform page and click “Register Now” at the top.

Step 2. Select account type

Choose the type of Official Account that you would like to set up.

Step 3. Create a user account

Input the email that you will be using to login and manage your WeChat Official Account. WeChat will send you a verification code here.

Step 4. Select your country

Choose the country where your business is registered. If you are using a third-party local license, select “China Mainland”.

Step 5. Provide organization details

You will need to provide the following:

  • Company’s official registered name
  • Company’s business license/registration number
  • Basic information of the account administrator. e.g., name and passport number. The account administrator is the legal owner of the account. This can be changed after the WeChat official account is approved.

Step 6. Create an account profile

It is required to have a unique account name without spaces and special characters. This should be your business name. Only alphanumeric and Chinese characters are permitted. If someone is already using your chosen account name, you will need to choose a different one. You can only change your account name twice per year.

Your account is now registered! Now you must verify it.

Step 7. Verify the account

For verification, you will be asked to fill in a form and provide additional company information, such as:

  • Registration number
  • Company office address
  • Company office phone number
  • Scope of business (description of business activities)
  • Bank details
  • Company directors’ names
  • Operator’s email address
  • Operator’s Chinese ID

Step 8. Upload supporting documents

  • Business license
  • Official application letter which can be downloaded from the system. It needs to be filled in, signed & stamped.
  • Operator’s mobile phone statement (applicable only for international businesses)

If you have other legal documents to provide, e.g., company landline statement, business permits, etc., you can upload it in this verification process.

Step 9. Confirm your official account name

If your brand name is trademarked, use the trademark option and upload the relevant documentation. If you are a news agency, use the media name option and upload your Broadcast license. Otherwise, choose the optional vocabulary which will give you freedom to put your desired WeChat official account name.

Step 10. Fill in the Fapiao information

This step is for businesses registered in Mainland China. For all others, this step does not apply to you.

Step 11. Payment

For those registered in Mainland China, scan the QR code and pay 300 RMB to verify your account. For all others, enter the bank account information and pay $99 USD.

Final step

Typically Tencent will process your application within 1-5 business days for Mainland China companies and 5-10 days for all others.

While Tencent is processing your application you can still access you account, set a profile picture and change the account name (remember you can only change it twice per year). You will not be able to post or use WeChat pay until it is verified.

Account activated

Tencent will email you when you account is approved (or rejected). Congratulations! Start gaining followers and pushing content!

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