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No matter the industry or type of project, Flow developers follow the standards of website development for China and international accessible use. With an optimized Wordpress-based backend and custom crafted frontend, your multilingual and/or Chinese website will provide a user friendly experience for not only your target audience, but also for those who manage its content.


Backed by an international community of developers, Wordpress comes with an extensive list of features, available plugins and secure source code. It is out-of-the box SEO friendly, and the CMS is one of the most intuitive, thus empowering your business to manage its own content. Wordpress is a good choice for Chinese web development and multilingual websites.

Web standard compliant

Using the latest tools made available in HTML 5 standards, we craft websites that are W3C compliant, to ensure compatibility with all the major browsers and a seamless experience between smartphones, tablets and computers. Based in Beijing, our developers are experts at navigating the Chinese website development requirements, with clean code that won’t slow down or block your website in China.


Most of the websites that Flow creates are multilingual, and it is a priority for us that the content is easy for you to manage and SEO-friendly no matter how many languages your website is in.

Usability testing and speed optimization

A slow or difficult to use website experience risks losing a customer. Extensive QA and end user testing is conducted to polish the browsing experience, and make sure that no matter where, on what device and in what language someone is visiting your site it is a positive experience.

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