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Flow combines compelling and intuitive website design for China and beyond. Our team of Chinese and international web designers create user-friendly websites that are interesting and informative for your visitors. Our development team implements the custom design into a secure, SEO-friendly site that follows industry standard coding practices for websites in China and for global use.

User research, User flows, Information architecture & Wireframes

When creating a website with Flow, a user experience specialist will follow your project from start to finish to ensure that the users are kept at the forefront of each decision. We conduct comprehensive research into your company, industry and the target audience. Driven by this research we lay out the user flows- the optimal presentation of information to naturally lead to conversion. Once these paths are set, the information architecture focuses on organizing, structuring and labeling content in a way that facilitates the ease of information intake, navigation and task completion. The wireframes are created as the first representation of the design, and are the culmination of the research, user flows and information architecture.

Website Design

Based on a solid research foundation, Flow’s team of Chinese and international web designers focus on effective, minimalist web design. Web design was the first service Flow offered, and it remains a practice we excel at. We are passionate to stay at the forefront of design and technology in order to create and implement pioneering solutions. Each design and interaction is customized around your content and your audience with a desktop and mobile design for each page to ensure full responsivity and a seamless experience, no matter what device your user is interacting with you on.

Visual research

Visual research is conducted to leverage a web design that resonates with the audience and is representative of the brand. Visual research is a related-industry visual analysis and a comprehensive review of what your audience spends their day looking at and interacting with.

Stylesheet per language

We create websites that are not only multilingual capable, but also optimized for each language with considerations in the design and user experience. We have extensive experience creating websites in English, Chinese and French, but can also work with you should your project require additional languages.

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