Website design

Custom website design crafted with love

  • Visual Research

  • User flow & wireframe

  • Design

  • Responsivity

Sustainable, responsive website design

Flow combines compelling and intuitive web design with precision implementation. Our web designers are experts at creating user-friendly interfaces that both delight and inform your visitors, and our in-house web developers in Beijing are implementation masters who follow industry-standard coding practices. We are experts at building responsive design sites that are , scalable, flexible, secure, and search engine friendly for a variety of purposes, including corporate websites, e-commerce, and online communities.

Website Design

Based on competition analysis and solid information architecture, Flow web designers team focus on effective, minimalist web design. Web design was the first service Flow started offering and remains a practice we excel at. We are passionate to stay at the forefront of design and technology in order to create and implement pioneering solutions.

User Interface Design

Flow designers love to put themselves in end-user shoes to design user interfaces that are intuitive for everyone. The user interface we design are user centric and flexible from a device and development standpoint.


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