User Experience

  • Research

  • Information architecture

  • User flows and wireframes

  • Usability testing

User experience for multilingual websites, applications and WeChat mini-programs

User experience refers to a person’s emotions and impressions about using a digital interface ie. website, app or WeChat mini-program. With a deep understanding of user experience in China and internationally, and expertise in making the transition between, we approach with the philosophy that interactions should be intuitive and consistent, and focus on three main factors: your company and its goals, the target user on a human level, and the environment and context in which a person will be using the digital product. As a Chinese and international multilingual team, Flow is experienced in creating and optimizing digital interfaces for Chinese, North American and European audiences.


We can conduct user research in Chinese, English and French utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods to drive all decisions from information architecture to design and branding to feature development and testing. UX research methods employ analytics evaluation, surveys, heat mapping, A/B testing, ethnography, interviews, focus groups and environmental observations.

Website/ Application audit

Our UX and technical experts will assess your current website or app from the perspective of: the target user, the business strategy, technical functionality and as a digital expert, to provide insight of minor or major adjustments that can be implemented with the ultimate goal of improved usability and increased conversion rate. Since user experience is contextual, it is especially important for a website and application to be audited when expanding to a new country or audience. Our specialty is websites and apps expanding internationally from China as well as those entering the China market.

User flows, Information architecture & Wireframes

User flows help to create an understanding of where and in what context the user is arriving and the optimal presentation of information to naturally lead to conversion, as well as to identify possible points of distraction and dead ends. Once these paths are set, the information architecture focuses on organizing, structuring and labeling content in a way that facilitates the ease of information intake, navigation and task completion. Based on the information architecture and goals, the wireframes are created as the first representation of the design, and are the culmination of the research, user flows and information architecture. Think of these as the blueprint of the website or app.

Usability testing

Usability testing is conducted to ensure that various aspects of the user research, design and development are working optimally for the intended audience. Though each project goes through extensive QA, it is important to test how the website or app works in the hands of the end users. We conduct cross-browser testing, load speed analysis, heat mapping, A/B testing, environmental observations and interviews for a holistic performance review. Usability testing is an important step prior to launch, after launch and when entering a new market, especially with the highly unique Chinese user experience.

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