User Experience

User experiences that embody your target audience

  • Product Research

  • User Flows

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframes

  • Product testing

Informed, empathetic user experiences

Flow believes websites should not only look great, but should “feel” great as well. Our UX designers are a part of every step of the web design and development process, to ensure that the final product is user-friendly, informative and attractive to the target audience. For optimal conversion, we work to make sure that decisions are information-based, and not based on assumptions.

Product Research

As the starting point of each successful project, user and market research provides the foundation to make informed decisions for the entire scope of work. It gives valuable understanding of the industry standards, competition analysis and opportunities in your given area.

User Flows

User flows define the optimal paths that various user types will follow through your website on their journey to your defined conversion goals. Basically, what your user needs to see to successfully convert. Nobody knows your needs more than you, expect many questions from Flow’s UX designers!

Information Architecture & Wireframe

Information Architecture: This is creation of the structure of the website or application, during which the sitemap is defined and where the placement of each part of the information is decided upon. Through this process, the navigation, hierarchies and categories are decided upon. Wireframes: Flow UX designers create wireframes based on your content! This is a skeleton of the design where the presentation of each part of your content is decided upon.

Product testing

Testing helps Flow UX designers discover any areas that can be improved through actually interacting with the product. Gathering and analyzing feedback enables UX designers to put the finishing touches on the product.


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