Chinese content creation

Original Chinese content creation for branding, website and social media

Your Chinese audience is constantly bombarded by content, and savvy content at that. We harness our creativity and branding know-how to make your voice meaningful, memorable and more stylish than all the other competitors in your industry. We create content that builds an emotional relationship between your brand and your audience in China.

WeChat content creation

People in China touch WeChat almost every single time they touch their phone...that’s a lot! So meet your audience in their favorite place. After defining your goals and content strategy, we will compose and design 1 to 4 original articles per month.

WeChat account management

Don't have the time or resources to manage your WeChat account? We will plan, test and publish your articles. You will be provided with a monthly report.

Chinese brand name creation and localization

Changing the combination of just two Chinese characters can lead to an infinite number of meanings. Without an understanding of the history or culture, it is all-to-common to not only face conflicts with other existing Chinese brands, but to associate your brand with a misleading or negative connotation. Through market research, semantic analysis and creativity, a Chinese brand name is born.

Content localization

While a Chinese translation of your English content is better than nothing, your audience can feel the difference between a translation and a quality Chinese copywriter. We can help give your content a local voice that resonates with your audience and encourages them to engage with your brand and share your content...for the right reasons.

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