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WeChat mobile sites, WeChat mini-programs and WeChat Pay

With a reported 1 billion+ active monthly users, 800 million WeChat Pay users, 230 million WeChat mini-program daily users and 80% of WeChat users also using WeChat for work, WeChat is an essential communication and marketing tool if your business interacts with China. Flow can help set up your WeChat business account and ensure that it is optimized for your specific business.

WeChat mobile site / WeChat mini-site

WeChat mobile/mini sites are specifically designed and optimized for the device & context of your (WeChat) user. These bite-sized, highly customized sites create a better user experience than a standard WeChat official account, are cheaper than creating a full website and are great for campaigns.

WeChat mini-program

WeChat mini-programs are applications that function within the WeChat app with full access to all that the WeChat ecosystem has to offer. They are very similar to a native app, but are cheaper to develop, as there is no need to develop iOS and Android specific versions, and are thus, also cheaper to maintain. WeChat mini-programs are very light (max. 10MB, media files excluded), and because they are hosted on Tencent’s server, they have great loading speed.

Website integration with Wechat

You don’t have to redevelop your entire existing website to take advantage of the WeChat services. Add a Wechat layer to interact with your audience and collect payments while storing all collected data on your own server. We integrate WeChat with Wordpress and Drupal websites.

WeChat payment and WeChat login

WeChat integration with responsive HTML websites, creates infinite possibilities for interaction with your Chinese audience. With 92% of people in China’s biggest cities using mobile payment, and 84% of that conducted through WeChat Pay, it is a must-have for any B2C operating in China. Additionally, Wechat’s login system works similarly to other social logins such as Google or Facebook, but in China, WeChat is used for most daily transactions and unlocks access to 1 billion Chinese users.

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