Wechat for business

website integration with WeChat

  • Account creation
    & certification

  • Website-WeChat integration

  • WeChat login

  • WeChat payment
    & e-commerce

More than 50% of people in China use WeChat for at least 1.5 hours per day

We have a solid understanding of the Wechat ecosystem to leverage the WeChat features and connect your brand with its audience in China.

WeChat API changes often and we stay on top of it. We can help you assess your Wechat project and confirm its feasibility, or adjust it to comply with WeChat usage guidelines.

Business account creation and certification

WeChat account certification can be a bit of a struggle. Flow can assist you in the process of creating your WeChat business account and go live as fast as possible.

Website integration with Wechat

You don’t have to redevelop your current website to take advantage of the WeChat services. You can add a Wechat layer to interact with your audience and collect payments while storing all collected data on your own server. We can integrate WeChat with Wordpress, Joomla! And Drupal websites.

WeChat login

One of the beauty of Wechat is its login system. In a sense, it works in a similar way to Google or Facebook login, but for close to 900 million active Chinese users. When combined with responsive HTML websites, the user experience possibilities are infinite.

WeChat payment & e-commerce

200 million users+ have credit cards or bank cards bound to their account. A must have for any B2C business in China, either through a custom eshop solution or a third party e-commerce integration.


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