Website maintenance

for flow clients only

  • Server set-up
    & upgrades

  • Website content update

  • Social accounts
    content update

You will never be alone

If you don't have a technical team in-house, managing your web infrastructure can be stressful. Likewise, if you don't have someone dedicated in your team to maintain your web and social media content up-to-date, it won't take long before your digital content differs from the reality of your organisation.

We are very familiar with Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla! and any social media account management system,  and we do it daily, so the time we spent managing your website is optimized.  

Server maintenance

Based on the size and complexity of your website infrastructure, we define a number of hours that will dedicated over a year to make sure your website run smoothly or to answer any technical question you may have.

Web content and social accounts maintenance

Once we know how many content updates are made on your digital platforms over a year the process is simple: you send us your content rough, we make it look nice and upload it to your web and social platforms.


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