Social marketing

keep your audiences in the loop

  • Research & competition analysis

  • Strategy

  • Campaign

  • Reporting & optimization

Leverage social media marketing in China

We learn about your business and social media competitors in order to define actionable content and engagement strategies. Our social marketing experts help keep your voice and communication consistent across social media that matters for your industry.

Audience engagement

Improving the way your audience engages with your company on social networks is at the center of our social marketing strategies. Whether it is through open conversations with your visitors or by incentivizing user generated content, we make sure to leverage your audience network to increase your brand’s visibility.

Reporting and Optimization

The social networks ecosystem is constantly evolving, new platforms are dramatically shaping user behavior and changing the way people interact with brands and content. Therefore it is our job to help you to stay on the top of the trends and to choose the right channels. We track, monitor, analyze completed tasks and campaign results and report it on a monthly basis to provide you valuable insights and full transparency. Since social media marketing has many moving parts, we optimize the strategy every time we find a new opportunity for your brand.

Social Media in China

The social media landscape in China is very different from the global one. Unlike other parts of the world, Facebook and Twitter are not the primary social channels to build your brand image. WeChat and Weibo are the most popular Chinese social media platforms with 650 million and 212 million monthly active users respectively.