Graphic design

design you can touch with your eyes and your hands

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    context analysis

  • Creative

  • Print

make a visual statement

Consistency in communication will convey to your public a feeling of professionalism and reliability. We specialize in corporate/institutional graphic design and apply visual identity to all kind of supports, from business cards to event backdrops. We manage the relationship with the printing companies to make sure that what you get in your hands is what you approved on screen.

Stationery, brochures & leaflet

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, document folders: Everything you need to communicate in writing.

Visual identity

The bigger the organization, the more important the visual identity becomes. Consistency through all of your communication channels will support your brand recognition and save time on every design project execution. Flow visual identity design aims to make your life easier every time you need to make a design related decision when you don't have an in-house graphic designer.

Posters & Backdrop

Promote and dress up your events with effective posters, kakemonos and backdrop designs.

Logo Design

Important part of our graphic design work is logo design. Logos are the most fundamental part of an organisation's visual identity. It should capture and reflect the essence of the spirit of the company. Logo design in Beijing requires an outstanding design team with deep cross-cultural roots, which forms the foundation of Flow’s unique graphic design services.


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