DP Cleantech

DP Cleantech specialises in transforming any kind of waste into energy.

  • Website design & development

  • Branding & Logo design

  • Graphic design

  • WeChat mobile sites & apps

Branding & Logo design

DP Cleantech logo and visual identity

Logo and business card design

Website design & development

DP Cleantech website

DP CleanTech business is to turn waste into energy. DP Cleantech first contacted Flow to bring their website in line with the size of its business. In 2012, Flow and DP Cleantech continue working on the company identity and adapts its communication tools to the new company ambitions. 

Our Search Engine optimization work on DP Cleantech began at an early stage of the website redesign. After a comprehensive audit of the previous version, Flow proposed a solution to improve the website visibility and indexing in search engines while keeping in mind DP Cleantech strategy and objectives with their website.

Beside a better web design and overall look and feel, the website has also seen its frequentation and traffic quality increased with a 15% bounce rate decrease and Google and Baidu search traffic increasing respectively by 105% and 250% over the course of 2011.



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