Setting Up Camp

Oct. 11, 2017

The creation of SANFO CAMPS logo & VI

Any great adventure includes multiple layers of discovery. When SANFO CAMPS, a full-service camp and adventure park development company, came to us to design their logo and visual identity, we were excited to embark on the creation of a visual representation for their self-described personality of “fun, adventurous, excellent, and compassionate.”


The design concepts were inspired by the harmony of nature, construction and SANFO CAMPS’ genuine care for people experience.

After multiple concepts were presented, SANFO CAMPS! Inspired by the shapes of the combined elements of an adventure park seen from above, and the rings of a tree trunk, the logo is unified in a circular shape, maintaining the simplistic elegance required in design and engineering.

Color Palette & Textures

The color palette is inspired by the ground and nature for which the adventure camps are built and the material used in their construction. They allow for versatility in application across web, park placards and marketing materials.


We created a pattern inspired by the topography of a landscape design project. Continuity with the logo can be seen through the integration of the small logo elements and the fluidity of woodgrain and water.


Our brand designer created the icon set from scratch, further exemplifying simplicity and movement.

Logo & VI Applications

We have enjoyed this journey with the Sanfo Camps team and we are looking forward to continuing in their mantra of “Design, Build, Training, and Operation” as we design and develop their website.


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