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Oct. 19, 2017

Mobile-first website design

KaiOS is on a mission to connect the next billion people. With their new operating system for affordable mobile phones, they put smartphone capabilities in the hands of everyone. With 4G connectivity and a web-based (HTML5) platform, KaiOS brings services such as games, social media and streaming apps to millions of users in both developed and emerging markets.

KaiOS already powers over ten million phones in Canada, the United States and India through partnerships with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Reliance Jio. Before the end of the year, people in ten more countries will have access to the powerful suite of KaiOS features.




When KaiOS contacted us, they already employed 200+ people with offices in 6 cities worldwide, a strong product, a visual identity but no real website to speak of. They were about to release millions on KaiOS powered feature phones in India with their partner Jio. Lacking the fundamentals of a web presence was becoming problematic. We worked with KaiOS’ marketing director Tim Metz on a mobile-first website. Snapshots of the result below, the full experience on www.kaiostech.com.


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