Parametric QR codes (Part 2)

Aug. 07, 2017

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Welcome back.

Besides posting a picture of your face and name on an article, check out other ways we have utilized the parametric QR code.

What: An invitation to Flow’s 10 year anniversary party.

Why: To give our guests an optimal RSVP experience and to help us better prepare for the event. We were able to know the number of people, their gender and their drink of choice ahead of time.

Who: Our wonderful clients and friends (a pre-defined group)

Where: The parametric QR code was delivered via paper invitation or through personal WeChat message.

How: After our guests scanned the parametric QR code they received a personalized invitation in which they could RSVP, make a drink selection and receive directions. On the day of the party, we sent out a reminder with more detailed directions to those who had RSVP'd.

Contact us to implement parametric QR codes into your next marketing campaign or event.


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