Parametric QR Codes

Aug. 08, 2017

Customized WeChat experiences.

With the release of our WeChat minisite last week, we are excited to continue the exploration of possibilities in WeChat customization, hopefully inspiring your next digital marketing move.

Tailor your digital pitch

Recently at F8 2017 (Facebook’s Developer Conference), we couldn’t help but notice the many “new” Facebook Messenger features announced that have long been available on WeChat. Parametric QR codes being one of them. Parametric QR codes open many possibilities for personalizing the digital experience you provide for your potential clients, and create an interesting bridge between physical & digital interactions that leave a lasting impression.

Using a parametric QR code, create a language-specific introduction to your product at a trade show, a video interview of the author of a book, or a personalized invitation to your restaurant's next event. Within the WeChat API, a QR code with specific parameters (a QR code + an action) can be generated. The action being what you trigger to deploy upon someone scanning that particualar QR code- colloquially coined, this is “discovery in the physical world.” Not only does this spark deeper interest, the marketer also gains valuable information about their client/ potential client.

Such as:

  • Name
  • Location QR code was scanned (physical and geographical)
  • Gender
  • Preferred language


In the long term, this information can be used for offline ROI tracking, user demographic analysis, event invitations and to create groups that specific content can be pushed to.

As UX designers we strive to cross the divide between the physical and digital worlds and create an experience that is not only functional, but that is intuitive and leaves a lasting impression.

Experience parametric QR codes for yourself.


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